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Hardscaping simply defined is the material used in your outdoor living space which does not grow. Patios, walkways, built structures-all define Hardscaping. But more important than what defines Hardscaping is how Hardscaping defines your outdoor living space. While landscaping helps accentuate the aesthetic beauty of your property, the hardscape bares the burden of balancing aesthetic beauty and functional purpose. More often than not the main objective of the hardscape is functional. Whether to entertain large gatherings of people, or to provide a cozy intimate setting, the ambience of the hardscape sets the tone for the entire landscape design. Our designers pay careful attention to detail in order to meet your functional needs while maintaining the aesthetic integrity of your ideal outdoor living space.

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A majority of the work pictured on this website was completed by C.J.O. Design & Construction. In some cases, C.J.O. works either as or with a subcontractor.