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Design and Construction Services for Outdoor Living

The CJO design team is dedicated to making your ideal outdoor living space a reality. Our design team understands the balance between professional detail and customer interaction; so when designing we may offer our expertise while incorporating your wants and desires. Designing your outdoor living space requires a relationship with the client, an understanding of your lifestyle, not just the ability to draw lines on a paper.


The design process:

Conceptual design (preliminary plan)- The CJO design team works hand and hand with you to produce your ideal outdoor living space. Following an initial consultation and explanation of procedure, a site survey and topographical study are conducted. Now, the project is set in motion and the major elements of the discussed area are located on a base map. Revision, revision, revision,- we believe in it, and with your input we practice it.

Detail design (finalized plan)- Upon approval of the conceptual design, the design team revises the preliminary plan in conjunction with your requests. The designed areas are detailed with custom materials, types of stone, color schemes, planting plans, etc. A final presentation of the Detail Design is scheduled and a cost estimation is presented for the construction of the project.

The construction process:

The construction process starts with hiring great employees who are trustworthy. You will never feel unsafe or uncomfortable while CJO is on the job site due to our professionalism and established relationship. Empowering our staff with top quality, new equipment to produce your detail oriented outdoor living space, helps assure customer satisfaction.

Constructing your outdoor living space continues with the careful selection of materials. Whether your project calls for a dive rock, stone wall, cedar trellis or specimen planting, CJO hand selects the material for your installation. We label the material to be used for construction during the design phase, but it’s through the attention to detail while purchasing your material that we can assure customer satisfaction. CJO has worked hard and long in developing a strong relationship with wholesale and retail yards, enabling us to confidently guarantee our work and the products we use.

From start to finish, either during the design phase or construction phase, we encourage client interaction. Being an insightful, educated client helps us to create your ideal outdoor living space.




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A majority of the work pictured on this website was completed by C.J.O. Design & Construction. In some cases, C.J.O. works either as or with a subcontractor.